Wow!!! you did go deep. But I disagree with one thing you wrote. You said that if you could go back, to your 20s or 30s… That you could have been someone great. I think you already are and have been someone great. I know your grandpa would be very proud of you! I AM very proud of you! You have done amazing things in your life so far! You’re a great dad and you continue to keep traditions alive. Keep working on this amazing journey. I love you! Oh, and by the way, I kind of think you’re great ( in case I didn’t make that clear!😉)♥️♥️

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I think when I wrote that letter to addiction two and half years ago I was feeling all the weight of holding on to the grief from my mom's death. Even though I had done a lot of great things at that point I was still not living up to my full potential.

I think I was expressing connecting to seeing I had so much more potential ~ to become the man I have evolved into today.

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