I resonate with so much that you said here. It's so easy to just let life wash over you, especially when things get hard. It takes so much intentional effort to choose your mindset and rebel against the patterns of thought that can be so overwhelming at times. I had heard surgery last January, which severely disrupted my own weight loss and fitness journey. I've lost all my conditioning and gained back 40 of the 80 pounds I lost. The complications that kept me there seem to be behind me, but I'm having a real challenge approaching this all over again and struggling with a lot of discouragement. the same narratives and motivations that got me started years back aren't working right now, and I'm searching for my new framework going into this new chapter in life.

I appreciate the way you write and the way you think brother. You have a real gift at distilling your thoughts and experiences into meaningful narratives, and getting that down for others to read and learn from. Thank you.

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I am so happy my writing resonates with you, and yes, I think we are so wired to go back to what "always worked" even if it doesn't fit our current reality. I think the first most important step in the aftermath of huge change is connecting to your why/values.

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